July 19, 2018

Archives for February 2013

Don’t Spend Time With Your Peers!

Morning; I spend about 3 weeks a year at marketing conferences, and not one of them is with my industry peers. In fact I don't spend a lot of time with other direct mailers.  My time is valuable, just like yours, and I want to gain knowledge and new ways to market businesses so I can help you. I … [Read more...]

I Will Not Get Over It, I’m The Customer

Good Morning  I got a business card from a business owner the other day. She has the type of business that is usually a brick-and-mortar retail location. But on her business card, she listed only the company name, phone number, and web site.  No location or email address. The only way I can … [Read more...]

Let’s Make Some Money

Happy Valentine's Day I hope you all will have a very Happy Valentine's Day! Now let's make some money! This week I would like to talk about some of the elements that make for a successful offer. I believe that when you market your business, you should strive to generate a response, whether it's … [Read more...]


Good Morning I was talking to someone the other day who requested the FREE marketing event catalogue that I offer at the end of these emails and was wondering why I never sent it to her. I looked at them with a "Huh?" look (you know the look) and told her I never got her email. Well she looked at … [Read more...]

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