November 28, 2023

Talk & Communicate

Good Day I'm putting together a talk on the 7 Warning Signs of Lost Customer Syndrome. As I was writing it, I came upon #6 "You have not reached out to current or past customers in the past 6 months."  This got me thinking that a lot of businesses are killing themselves because of … [Read more...]

Here Is How To Keep Your Business Healthy

Good Day Here are my 3 levels of monthly service: My Monthly Vitamin Pack, My Marketing Medicine Cabinet and the top level, My Total Marketing Wellness Plan with Concierge Service. But I wanted to let you know that I finally got my old phone number 817-282-0443 forwarded to my new number of … [Read more...]

Learn From A SOB

Good Day An old friend of mine recently had a magazine article written about her.  Gayle Carson, who calls herself the Spunky Old Broad and who founded the SOB movement, is a strategy coach and radio host who specializes in helping women over 50 discover as well as utilize their talents and … [Read more...]

Transactional or Relationship?

Good Day Get a customer to make a sale or...make a sale to get a customer? The way you answer this question depends on how you run your company and promote it. First part "get a customer to make sale," is transactional marketing. That is, all you really care about is making the sale. These … [Read more...]

Learned At GKIC

I just got back from spending four days learning what is cutting edge in the world of information marketing. Almost everything that was taught during those four day can be applied to any other type of business including brick-and-mortar and service businesses. One of the key points that was … [Read more...]

Touch Your Customers

Good Morning Every week you receive this really great marketing tip. This tip is one of the ways I stay in touch with you. I also send out a Monday Morning Motivator. Over the course of a year, you will get almost 100 emails. That's a lot! If I have your mailing address, you might also get … [Read more...]