April 22, 2024

How We Do Business


The Freedman Co. shall not, without express written permission, reveal or otherwise make available to any other person any confidential information or trade secrets regarding company product(s), service(s), business, customers or methods of operation learned during the term of association.

Direct Printing

We print addresses directly onto your mail piece whenever possible. We will print labels only if we cannot direct print.

Delays in Mailing

If you, your printer, shipper or other sources are running behind schedule, it will cause a delay in getting your mail to the post office. We need a set amount of time to do our job properly. See Turnaround time.


On jobs that require inserting and sealing, our machines work best with the standard #10 commercial regular envelope. The executive envelope that can be purchased at such office supply store as Office Depot or Office Max will not work with our machines (the back flap is too long). FasClampitt paper store sells a standard #10 commercial regular envelope that works best.

List Formats

Acceptable formats for your list, so it can be properly processed are:

  • Delimited Text – Fields that is separated by one tab or
  • Fixed length text – A text field in which records have a
    fixed length and end with a carriage return and/or
    line feed.
  • DBF – Dbase file format
  • Excel – cells are fields and rows are records.

Microsoft Access databases must be converted to any of the above formats. Labels, paper lists and other formats will be converted to an acceptable format and a conversion charge may apply.

List Storage

The Freedman Co. will remove your list from our computer system after we have completed your mailing, unless prior arrangements have been made.


Materials can be delivered to us. We do provide for pick up and delivery of small quantities of materials depending on where you need us to pick it up. Fees may apply.

After the job is complete, excess materials can be: (a) couriered to you for a fee, (b) temporarily held for pick up, or (c) tossed. We do not have facilities for long-term warehousing.


All fees (except postage) are due at time of mailing unless otherwise noted. After completion of a credit application and its review, 30-day credit may be granted. If payment is not made within 30 days, interest at the rate of 1 1/2% per month may be applied to the amount owed.


Our service includes use of our Standard presort (bulk Mail) and/or our 1st class presort permit. Our permit number is 2266 out of Fort Worth, Texas. If possible, please have the permit printed onto the mail piece at the same time you have it printed. Copy the layout and information.


All postage is due at time of mailing. Checks need to be made out to US Postmaster or the amount must be in your permit account on the day of mailing.

Postal Service Delivery to Final Destination

1st class mail is delivered on average from overnight to three days depending of the distance the mail has to travel. Standard Mail (A) (Bulk Mail) is for when the material is not of a highly time-sensitive nature. Delivery times can be from overnight to as much as 14 days depending of the distance the mail has to travel.

Please note: The Freedman Company is not responsible for the job after it is delivered to the U.S. Postal Service including, but not limited to, delayed delivery, loss, increased postage, misdirection or destruction.


Most jobs can be done within three (3) business days. We plan and schedule all jobs for 3-5-business days’ turnaround at the latest. So please give us at least five (5) business days to get your job to the post office. For 1-2 day service, a rush charge will be applied. Same day or next day, drop everything else service, we will double rush charges because we will stop all other work just to complete your job. Please call first and see what our schedule allows. The more lead-time that we have, the better. Also you can have your materials delivered to us ahead of the scheduled time. That way we can work on it between other jobs, and we may even have it ready ahead of schedule.

Undeliverable Mail

The Postal Service will forward mail to people who have moved. With 1st class mail, if the mail is undeliverable the piece is returned with the reason for non-delivery attached. There is no charge for this service. With standard mail (A) the piece is disposed of by the Postal Service, unless it has a service endorsement such as "Address Service Requested". See Endorsements above.