May 22, 2024

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We Moved and Changed Our Name

The Freedman Company has changed its name to My Marketing Cure, LLC and has moved to 951 W. Pipeline Rd. Suite 444, Hurst, TX 76053. You can still use our old phone number of 817-282-0443. We still offer Direct Mail Services as well as new Marketing Services to help you keep you past customers and recover lost customers.                                                                        Thank You                                                                                                  … [Read More...]

Story Telling

Good Morning Over the years I've taken public speaking classes and speaking from the stage training. One thing I've learned is to weave the information you want to present into a story. Since time began, people have been telling each other stories to get information and their point across. Stories are easier to remember than complex facts and figures. Even in written form. Remember in school when the teacher poured out all kinds of facts? You got bored and maybe almost fell asleep. … [Read More...]


Good Morning I do a lot of driving, and I see a lot of what I call bad driving, such as people crossing over multiple lanes without notice to other drivers or their well being. Or going 40 mph on the freeway while holding their phone and talking on it in the middle or left hand lane. But the other day I saw something that made me think. I was in the middle right hand lane waiting for the light to turn green. In the far left turn lane was a car about 2 cars back when the light turned green … [Read More...]

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