July 18, 2024

Your Marketing Question

Good Morning

I have a friend who’s a chef. He ran the kitchen of a number of restaurants as well as having his own catering company. He was in one of the leads groups with me, and when it was his turn to make a presentation, he played a game called “Stump The Chef.”

The game was very simple. You got to ask him a question and if he could not answer it, you stumped him and won a prize. So we are going to play the game not with chef/food questions but with your marketing questions.

The best two questions that stump me will win a $50 gift card each.

You have until 9 am next Thursday, June 26, to email me your marketing question. I will announce the winners in the July 11 Marketing tip. There will be no marketing tip on July 4.

So get your brain working on what marketing question you have and send it in. Only one question per person, please.

Until next time!


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