February 24, 2024

Double Checking

Good Morning I've been working on a new giveaway, an E-book of a well-known story. I had the landing page and follow-up emails set up and working as well as the links for a survey and for a calendar to schedule a free consultancy session. As I was sitting with the software expert, I wanted to … [Read more...]

Passive and Intrusive Marketing.

Good Morning Last week I wrote about views and likes and how you have to convert them into sales. This week let's back up a bit and explore passive and intrusive marketing. Passive marketing is when you post something on social media and you let people come to you to view it if they want. … [Read more...]

CTA not CYA!

Good Morning I was talking to someone the other day about social media and its use in business and how people are very interested in how many views, likes and reposts they get. It reminded me of a business person telling me about all the views and likes they got. I was impressed. I did read … [Read more...]

Public Speaking

Good Morning The other day one of the chamber leads/networking groups I go to was presenting this month's calendar of events. One of the many events on the list was the weekly meeting of a local Toastmasters chapter. For anyone who's not familiar with Toastmasters International, it is an … [Read more...]

Lost Opportunity

Good Morning {First Name} Today I got a coupon from Scooter's Coffee. It was printed on thick postcard stock, in full color and a big 4x6 size. The offer was half off any drink and only good at one location. The coupon was designed for when the store first opened (the headline was, "Hello … [Read more...]

Goals Are Your Roadmap

Good Morning {First Name} While in traffic at a red light, I watched a car in one lane suddenly switch to the turn lane. It was like they just realized that they were in the wrong lane and heading in the wrong direction. The other one I see a lot is cars that are in the turn lane when the driver … [Read more...]