April 22, 2024


Good Morning,The last part of your PPC ad is the 80-character description. When you write your description do not repeat yourself. New PPC ad writers tend to state the same information over and over again. Working your key words into your headline and URL pathways is more than enough.Write like a … [Read more...]

PPC – Benefits and a killer call to action (cta)

Good Morning ,Last week we wrote about getting more views to your website by using PPC ads. Now we are going to get into a number of tricks for crafting compelling, clickable ads. First up: The basics of every ad, features, benefits and a killer call to action (cta).Ads that sell have compelling … [Read more...]

Losing Your Name

Good Morning,A few weeks ago I read an article in the newspaper about how candidates in a local election could not get the domain they wanted. In fact someone else not friendly to the candidates had secured the wanted domains. Now the lawyers are involved. This could cost the candidate the election … [Read more...]

A Strategic Advantage Over Your Competition

Good Morning ,Most of you know me as someone who is knowledgeable about marketing/promoting small businesses, some know me as just a direct mail/mailing expert and a few as an old guy not up to date with the latest internet trends. Well, people are right on 2 of 3. I do try to stay current (as well … [Read more...]

Internet Links?

Good Morning  When was the last time you checked to make sure everything workedon your web site, links on your email, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube and other social media? I am using a form I developed to analyze a business's marketing needs and decided to link it to another web page I … [Read more...]

Tell Your Competition All About What Your Doing

How would you like for your competition to know almost everything you're doing? Would you like them to know what sales you're having, new products or services you're offering, at the same time you're telling your customers and prospects? Every time you make a change to your web site, add a comment … [Read more...]