May 22, 2024

Social Media

Good Morning I will buy you lunch! Yes, a free lunch. All you have to do is email me at or reply to this email and let me know that you're interested. Now, you're wondering "what's the catch?" Well, yes, there is a catch! I need 3 guests for my membership requirement to … [Read more...]

Building Your List

Good Morning Last marketing tip I wrote about keeping your list up-to-date. This week I want to take a step or two back. Your list is the most important thing in your business! Let me say that again: Your list is the most important thing in your business. Yes, you have the world's best … [Read more...]

Boring Ads?

Good Morning ,This is the time of year when many businesses decide to get the word out about their products and services. As they are thinking and looking around for something to send out, they might use a graphic artist or more likely a template provided by whatever media they are using.By using … [Read more...]


Good Morning,The last part of your PPC ad is the 80-character description. When you write your description do not repeat yourself. New PPC ad writers tend to state the same information over and over again. Working your key words into your headline and URL pathways is more than enough.Write like a … [Read more...]

Using URL in PPC Ads

Good Morning ,Last time we talked about the basics of your PPC ads and how to determine your core benefits and develop a killer call to action.Now I would like to go over making full use of the URL pathways. With Expanded Text Ads you have two 15-character URL pathways to use rather than only one. … [Read more...]

Headline The Most Important Part Of An Ad

Good Morning  I was reading this week's edition of the great Denny Hatch's Marketing Blog "The Science and Art of Creating Wants." ( Hatch wrote about how a great 1977 direct marketing ad, with a couple of very minor additions, would work like "gangbusters" today in … [Read more...]