July 17, 2024

Building Your List

Good Morning

Last marketing tip I wrote about keeping your list up-to-date. This week I want to take a step or two back. Your list is the most important thing in your business! Let me say that again: Your list is the most important thing in your business.

Yes, you have the world’s best product or service and you are the greatest salesperson around, but you have to have a group of people waiting, starving for it somewhere. You have to be able to identify and contact them again and again.

Sure you can buy internet, radio, television or print ads, and maybe get some customers that way. But to recontact all the people who did not buy, you have to buy more ads.

There are better ways that also incorporate purchasing ads.

You can build your own list, a list that you have complete control over and can use over and over again.

You can do this in many different ways. You can do it one name at a time, both on and offline. You can collect them in groups, again off and online. You can obtain them through buying ads. If you have the money and are lucky, you can buy a list or you can do a joint venture with someone and use their list.

Any or all of these methods can be used to build your list of consumers who are eager for what you have to offer (market match) and then you can develop a marketing system to go out and get them.

Remember you have to continually work on your list and keep it up- to-date.

When you are ready to build your list or update it and want to do it easily and effectively, contact me.

Till next time.


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