August 4, 2021

Good Way to Learn

Could not figure out how to route image. Good Morning This card landed in my mailbox the other day. I was about to throw it out, but I decided to keep it for a few reasons that I will go over later. As you can see, it is not addressed to me but to the insurance firm that used to have my address. … [Read more...]


Good Morning   Happy Valentine's Day! I attended, participated in or watched (not sure of the correct term) a live webinar on 7 ways to get free leads hosted by Kim Walsh-Phillips, a leading social media expert. She presented some great information, but  there was one main point, which was … [Read more...]

Cold Calling, Why You Do It.

Good Morning No one really likes doing cold calling, whether in person (door knocking) or on the phone (dialing for dollars). OK, I have met a few people over the past 20 years who like it, but I'll write about them at a later date. So, why do most business people and their sales staff do … [Read more...]

Your customer only want one so why waste the money?

 It happens every few weeks. This time I got three pieces of mail from Printing For Less, a printing and direct mailing company (like what I do, but without the marketing help). Inside the mailing they offered a $250 gift. Now one piece is addressed to me, Phil Freedman, owner, Freedman Co. The … [Read more...]

10.3% Response Rate – Who Says Direct Mail Does Not Work!

One of my clients sent me an article by Brett Kitchen, who sells insurance and annuities, about his journey using direct mail (post cards) to get a 10.3% response rate. So much for the people who say direct mail does not work. Here is what he found he needed to get a high response rate: 2 key … [Read more...]