April 22, 2024

Marketing Recipe

Good Morning I grew up in a restaurant. My parents owned and ran restaurants most of their lives. Everything from a deil through a tablecloth restaurant with bar. I mostly bused tables and worked the dishwasher. But over the years I did a little bit of everything except work the bar (I was too … [Read more...]

Getting Your Name Wrong

Good Morning We all like to be acknowledged, usually by being called by our name. So when people can't get your name right, are you really going to pay any attention to their message? My friend Larry, got an email (which he sent me) that started "Hi Lar." I've known Larry for over 20 years … [Read more...]

Passive and Intrusive Marketing.

Good Morning Last week I wrote about views and likes and how you have to convert them into sales. This week let's back up a bit and explore passive and intrusive marketing. Passive marketing is when you post something on social media and you let people come to you to view it if they want. … [Read more...]

What Makes You Different?

Good Morning At a leads group I went to we had some extra time and a smaller group, so the leader of the group asked us to tell in more detail who our target market is, not just small businesses, but what kinds of businesses. We have some people in the group who basically do the same thing, which … [Read more...]

More Than 1 Method

Good Morning At a leads group I recently attended, one of the people mentioned that in their industry they were on longer allowed to collect IP addresses for part of their market. Another person spoke up that their industry is doing the same. We were told IP addresses were now considered … [Read more...]

Your Marketing Success

Good Morning Last week I was talking to a consulting client about sending out emails on a regular basis (weekly, bi-weekly or monthly) and that their 1st few emails might not look very polished. Will Rogers is often credited with saying "Anything worth doing is worth doing poorly." Anyway, as an … [Read more...]