March 21, 2018

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Friendly Touch

Good Day This Sunday (2 am) is when you turn your clocks forward by one hour and lose some sleep, or you can do what most do and set it when you go to sleep and sleep in an extra hour. I've heard all the arguments about daylight saving time and this week's tip is not about whether you like it or not. The tip is how to use it to your advantage! If you haven't already done so, use this event to contact your customers, clients and patients and remind them to not only set their clocks … [Read More...]

1st Quarter Results

Good Day Guess what. This week my wife got the same letter from the auto dealer. We are now up to 6 of the same letter. Today starts the last month of the 1st quarter of 2018. Now is the time to plan out how you are going to bring in business for the next quarter. It's also the time to look back and see if you are meeting your goal for the 1st two months of the year. If you're not on track, there is still time for corrective action. After this month you will have to take massive action … [Read More...]

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