May 27, 2018

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Good Day I'm putting together a talk on the 7 Warning Signs of Lost Customer Syndrome. As I was writing it, I came upon #6 "You have not reached out to current or past customers in the past 6 months."  This got me thinking that a lot of businesses are killing themselves because of this. Most businesses reach out to their current and past customers a few times a year. Before I go further, no, posting on your Facebook page does not count as reaching out. Reaching out is proactive … [Read More...]

Denny Hatch Great Story

Good Day The following story is from the marketing blog of Denny Hatch, renowned publisher,marketing expert, and copywriter: "Frank Brock was president, First Bank of Troy, Idaho. In 1960 Troy’s population was 555. Frank Brock’s bank had 6,000 active accounts. He had customers in 45 states and around the world as distant as Pago Pago and American Samoa. Frank Brock knew precisely what business he was in. "I am in the business of providing financial services for my … [Read More...]

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