January 24, 2017

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Secret of Successful Businesses

Good Day Many years ago a friend hired me; he was moving his very successful practice into the building he had just built, which was in a very upscale area at the time, and wanted me to help him with marketing his business. I remember asking why he needed my help; he was already at the top of his field, everyone knew him, and he was the one everyone wanted to train with. What he told me stuck with me all these years. He said that if I could increase sales by at most 10% that it would be … [Read More...]

Big Money Here!

Good Day I talk to a lot of business owners, and one of the things that they seem not to appreciate is the value of their customer and prospect lists. They seem to think that the big money assets of their business is the facility, equipment or inventory. Not true! When businesses buy other businesses, in most cases it's not their equipment they want, it's their customer list. It's your customer and prospect lists that will make you money. You need to keep your lists in good shape. That … [Read More...]

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