October 24, 2017

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Good Day  This might be a boring part of marketing and running your business, but if you put it off, it will cost you not only lost sales but money as well. I'm talking about customer list maintenance. UGH! Clients send me their customer list that they want to mail to, and part of my job is to clean it up. I check to see who's moved within the last 18 month, remove duplicates based on name and/or address, correct possible bad addresses or remove them and send them back a clean updated … [Read More...]


Good Day This is a bit off from a marketing tip, but call it a life tip. I learned long ago that when I came across a problem and presented it to my boss, I also had to have at least one solution. It did not have to be the best or the least expensive, but it had to be a solution to the problem. I have been using the same philosophy in my business. If I have a problem with a client's project, before I present the problem to them, I have to have at least one or, even better, two solutions for … [Read More...]

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