March 23, 2019

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We Moved and Changed Our Name

The Freedman Company has changed its name to My Marketing Cure, LLC and has moved to 951 W. Pipeline Rd. Suite 444, Hurst, TX 76053. You can still use our old phone number of 817-282-0443. We still offer Direct Mail Services as well as new Marketing Services to help you keep you past customers and recover lost customers.                                                                        Thank You                                                                                                  … [Read More...]

New Product and more

Good Morning  I wanted to cover a few things this week that can help you in promoting your business:The first item I want to cover is your email signature. In the course of a day, how many emails do you send out? How do you end your emails, just your name and title, maybe your company name and contact information? You need to add a tag line that is a plug for a product or service that you offer. This is a great way to remind the people that you communicate with day in and day out about what … [Read More...]

Your Web Site

Good Morning I was doing a consultation the other day, and part of it was looking at their Facebook business page and web site among other things we talked about. I will not go into what we discussed, but it did get me to think about what businesses need on their web site. The first item I would tell you to do is to have a web site or page (yes there are still some businesses that do not have a web site). Not having a web site is like not having a Yellow Pages listing in the old days. … [Read More...]

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