December 10, 2016

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Marketing and Scouts?

Good Day, The other day I was at my local post office and started watching a man with a package. He picked up a mailing label and realized he could not address it, he lacked a pen and there were none on the counter. I let him use one of mine. The man next to him had just picked up a passport application and was looking around for a pen as well. It got me thinking about being prepared. I start each day with 2 pens and most days I end the day with 2 pens. I was a scout, my children were … [Read More...]

You’re Insane!

Good Day The holiday season is now upon us. We made it through Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Whew! Now comes the holiday parties and all the rest. This is also the time of year that I and maybe others start or finish planning what next year will be like. Oh, one other thing; about this time of year, I've noticed there is nothing but reruns on TV. Maybe that's why I try to do planning for next year. Anyway, I was watching TV the other night and caught the movie, Tin Cup, … [Read More...]

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