July 22, 2017

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Smart Lawyer, Smart Marketing

Good Day Sounds like the start of another lawyer joke, but in this case it's not! It's about a very smart lawyer who knows how to market his practice, and we can all learn from it. Before I start let me tell you that in over 20 years, I can't recall having ever seen anyone do what W. Bradley Parker, Esq. has done. Last month I attended a chamber after hours mixer hosted by the Parker Law Firm (I have permission to write about this using his name). We had good beer, wine and food. The … [Read More...]


Good Day I hope everyone had a good 4th of July. Sometimes marketing and ad campaigns don't work and you get zero response. Some might think that's a failure, but in fact it is not. Good news: All marketing is testing; you are always trying to do better than your last ad. When you get no response, you know something did not match up. It could be who you are targeting. Maybe they are not the correct group for what you are offering. Or it could be the message and the offer. Could it be … [Read More...]

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