November 13, 2019

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We Moved and Changed Our Name

The Freedman Company has changed its name to My Marketing Cure, LLC and has moved to 951 W. Pipeline Rd. Suite 444, Hurst, TX 76053. You can still use our old phone number of 817-282-0443. We still offer Direct Mail Services as well as new Marketing Services to help you keep you past customers and recover lost customers.                                                                        Thank You                                                                                                  … [Read More...]

Popeye’s Chicken Sandwich

Good Morning I was going to write on something totally different, but then as I do almost every evening, I drove past the local Popeye's Chicken. As I drove by tonight (I wrote this Wednesday night), I noticed cars all around the place and out on the frontage road of the freeway. I noticed it the other day as well. All or most of these people were waiting in line for a chicken sandwich. I have heard people tell me how great this sandwich tastes. Of course the first time Popeye's offered it, … [Read More...]

Customer Service

Good Morning  Happy Halloween! May the candy that's left over be your favorite.Have you ever gotten a customer request that was so strange that you could not believe it, or something that you absolutely don't do? How did you respond?  Did you say "What the...! You want what?!" or "No way. We don't do that!" Maybe the nice "I'm sorry we don't offer that product or service?"Let me confess, there are many times over the years that I wanted to say that, but I didn't. In most cases I would tell … [Read More...]

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