September 30, 2016

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Prove Customer Service

Good Day I have a cold, so I went into the office late on Tuesday, then left around 1:30 Wednesday to try to recover at home. About 4 I got a call from a client; they needed a number of sets of color copies for a presentation today. If I did them in the morning as I had planned to do, it would be too late for them. What did I do to help the client? I stayed on the phone with them until I got their email with the PDF file. I got up, went to the office and printed up their copies, with … [Read More...]

Be More Than The Expert

Good Day People want to do business with the expert or authority. You want to be that person! WHY? One reason is that once you are considered the authority by the customer, the price objection goes away. Another is that you can make good suggestions that they will listen to and might do. I know a lot of people who are the expert or authority in their field, but someone else is getting all the customers and charging higher prices. Sound familiar? The solution is to also have the audacity to … [Read More...]

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