August 29, 2016

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You Have To Do It!

Good Day I had a really bad day yesterday. At home we found a wet spot on the carpet by the air conditioner where our 11-year-old dog sleeps. We put newspapers down and blamed the dog. Then I noticed that outside by our front door the porch had a puddle that I had swept up the day before. Looking closer, I saw the water was coming from the wall by the front door. Inside the front hall closet, the carpet was soaked. I pulled every thing out, left the door open and headed off to the office … [Read More...]

Want Business?

Good Day I was at a leads group the other day. This group, like most groups, is made up of people of all ages and all types of businesses. One of the main functions of a leads group or networking group is the exchange of information. One thing I've learned over the years is, you have to make it as easy as possible for your customers and prospects to contact you and do business with you. There are few exceptions to this rule, one of which is that you have to be one of the best in your field … [Read More...]

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