June 13, 2024

CEO Roundtable More

Good Morning,Last week I wrote about wanting to form a CEO Roundtable and invited those interested in being part of it to contact me. I found out I forgot to mention one important detail. People wondered if there was a cost involved in being part of this group. There is no cost. This is a FREE … [Read more...]

Danger, Danger Will Robinson

Good Day This week I found out that someone has been using my business phone as their caller ID number. They are calling people and not leaving any message on their voice mail if they can't talk to them. People are calling the number (my number) that shows up on their caller ID and asking who … [Read more...]

Your Prescription to Minimize L.C.S. (Lost Customer Syndrome)

Good Day I canceled a service a while back, and now I'm starting to get email from this company. Not the please-come-back type, but general information type emails. While I was using this company, I did not get any form of communication from them at all. I replied to their email with one of my … [Read more...]

Free Special Diagnostic Tool

Good Day Let me ask you a question: Is your business off? You know, you have the feeling that something is wrong or you know something is wrong but are just not sure how to get it back on track? Over the past 20 plus years I have helped a lot of businesses increase sales, get more customers … [Read more...]

Getting To Know More About Your Customers

Good Morning You are able to view past pages of my new book under the tab "My BS" at: www.TheFreedmanCompany.com This week - How to find out more about your customer and why they buy from you. The first thing you must do is build a database of your customers. Include not only name and … [Read more...]

Multiple Pillars of Advertising

Good Morning I was talking to someone the other day and was explaining about having more than one method of advertising their business. A lot of people will find one media that they either like or is the current hot one or maybe it really brings in paying customers. Then something happens, and it … [Read more...]