July 15, 2024

Multiple Pillars of Advertising

Good Morning
I was talking to someone the other day and was explaining about having more than one method of advertising their business. A lot of people will find one media that they either like or is the current hot one or maybe it really brings in paying customers. Then something happens, and it is no longer viable.
What do I mean by no longer viable? Years ago, everyone was doing fax blasts. Every day businesses got reams of faxes they did not ask for or want. It got so bad that a do-not-fax law was passed, and overnight faxing was gone. Some businesses that were dependent on faxing went out of business. The same thing happened a few years later with outbound telemarketing. And let’s not forget email and spamming.
To continue to be successful, you must have multiple methods of advertising your business so that when one slows down or quits working, your business will not suffer. There is an old saying – “It is better to get one customer each from a hundred methods, than a hundred customers from one method.”
How many methods or different media are you using to advertise/market your business?
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 Philip Freedman
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