April 22, 2024


Video Transcript

Hello, I’m Phil Freedman, Welcome to our website.

We help small to medium size companies, where the owner does not have enough time to do the necessary marketing to grow their business the way they want to, so that they can achieve their business and personal goals and dreams.

Are you wearing too many hats these days? Doing every job from CEO to bookkeeper, from salesperson to gopher, working longer hours than everyone else, watching your competition get ahead of you, missing opportunities to stay in touch with your customer base, and no real systemized way to remain in contact with them? Then you’ve come to the right website.

Our goal is to help business owners grow their businesses by using practical and proven, although unconventional, marketing methods. We also show owners how to track and measure their results so that they get the return on investment that they need to achieve their goals and fulfill their dreams.

Whether it is offline or online, using traditional media or social media or integrating both, we can help.

How do we do that? We listen to you. To learn what your goals, dreams, wants and needs are. Then we put a plan together to achieve what you want. And help you implement that plan.

Please look us over. If you like what you see, contact us and use us as a resource. It’s as simple as that. You’ll also want to sign up over here to receive a free marketing tip each week by email.

Let me end with a simple question: Which role in your business would you like to have full time?

Thank you for visiting our website, we appreciate your giving us your valuable time, I hope so see you back here often.

About Company

The Freedman Company and is now My Marketing Cure was started in 1994 as marketing, advertising and public relations company for small to medium size businesses. As the company grew we focused on the needs of our clients which were more in the lines of Marketing and Public Relations, and then into direct mail services and now direct response marketing.

At first it was simply designing and sending out client’s post cards and flyers. Now we offer various forms of direct response communications. From sending out your post cards, flyer, newsletters, sales letters to the internet and more.

Some of our services include copyrighting, as well as design, and printing of your sales message. This can include personalization of the sales letters such as adding of color signature and P.S. messages, lumpy mail, and coordination of email and mailing.

Along with these services we offer personal prospect lists of people who can do business with you.

We are still geared to the small to medium size business, and we will send out as few as 200 pieces. We treat you the same as if you were a big client at the large marketing/mailing companies and not as a small business at a large company.

We want your business!

Every person’s marketing is very important not only to them but to the Freedman Company. Without our clients, we would not be here today. Thank you.