June 14, 2024

Direct Mail Services

Would you be interested in a hassle-free way to
SAVE 20-39% or more on your next mailing?

For many business owners, mailing out flyers, sales letters or post cards is a costly, time-consuming effort that disrupts other important work.

Do you know what it REALLY costs you to mail out 1,000 flyers?


Let’s assume you picked up your flyers from the printer already folded.

Now you will need:


The Freedman Company’s no-hassle service!

Bring your flyers and mailing list (disk) to our office. We will seal the flyers, direct print each address (no labels) and our postage permit number and deliver it all to the post office.

Your Cost with The Freedman Company:

$455 for 1st Class Mailing (you save $109.70 or 20%)

$330 for Standard Rates (you save $216.70 or 39.6%)

1000 Labels
1000 Sealing tabs
1000 First Class Stamps
@$.44 each


Next you or your secretary will have to print the mailing labels. It takes time to set up the printer, load the labels, check samples
and finally print the labels.

2 hours @ $15 $30.00
(or more if it’s your time)

Then you have to label, seal and stamp each flyer.

another 2 hours @ $15 $30.00
Now you have to take it all to the post office.

to do it yourself


Isn’t your time and money too valuable to waste?

Let us help you get back to doing what you do best… Running Your Business!