April 22, 2019

Special Offer Corrected

Good Morning   Last week I wrote that I was now offering the Monthly Vitamin Pakand the Past Customer Recovery Program. I also informed you that only you are being offered a special deep discount; no one else will get this discount. I also told you that the discount … [Read more...]

Keep Your Customers

Good Morning Yesterday I got done a bit early so I decided to finish weeding my vegetable garden. It was overgrown with grass and weeds from being untended all winter long. I needed to finish pulling all the weeds and grass out before it started raining this weekend. Sunday afternoon the weather … [Read more...]

Added Service, Wow

Good Morning  Thank you to everyone who sent me kind words about last week's tip on NTTA great (not) customer service! I was reading this week's edition of one of the best marketing blogs around, "Denny Hatch's Marketing Blog." For those who have not heard of Denny Hatch, he founded and ran … [Read more...]

Customer Service??

Good Morning   Customer service. We all think we offer great customer service, but do we really?Last month I used the George Bush Toll Road. Normally I use the toll roads about once every 2-3 years so I don't a need a toll tag. Tuesday I finally got an email from NTTA ( for those who are not from … [Read more...]

New Product and more

Good Morning  I wanted to cover a few things this week that can help you in promoting your business:The first item I want to cover is your email signature. In the course of a day, how many emails do you send out? How do you end your emails, just your name and title, maybe your company name and … [Read more...]

Your Web Site

Good Morning I was doing a consultation the other day, and part of it was looking at their Facebook business page and web site among other things we talked about. I will not go into what we discussed, but it did get me to think about what businesses need on their web site. The first item I … [Read more...]

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