June 12, 2021

Losing Your Name

Good Morning,A few weeks ago I read an article in the newspaper about how candidates in a local election could not get the domain they wanted. In fact someone else not friendly to the candidates had secured the wanted domains. Now the lawyers are involved. This could cost the candidate the election … [Read more...]

Metrics for your social media

Good Morning In the last two marketing tips we talked about how to set goals for your social media if you want it to work for you and your business.This week we cover the final part, where the rubber meets the road. Metrics!By identifying your metrics you will know whether your social media is … [Read more...]

Setting Social Media Goals

Good Morning,Last marketing tip we talked about why you need goals for your social media if you want it to work for you and your business.Now let's talk about how to set your goals.Goals will hold your media and yourself accountable, time and budget wise. As we all know, social media can be a time … [Read more...]

Social Media Goals

Good Morning ,Almost all businesses use social media, but very few have defined goals for what they want their media to accomplish for them. Without defined goals, businesses are wasting time and money, and yours is probably one of them! But so are most businesses big and small, so don't feel too … [Read more...]

It Work’s

Good Morning,Happy belated St. Patrick's Day!I got my first Covid-19 shot Wednesday over at Globe Life Field. I was worried about finding the parking lot, the long walk to where they were doing it, long lines, mass confusion and the pain of the shot (I really hate shots).Well, I found the parking … [Read more...]

New Customers

Good Morning,I've written and talked a lot about how you can spend less and make more money by selling more to your existing customer base. I even designed a special program to help businesses sell more to their current and past customers. But this week's tip is not about that.What I hear from … [Read more...]