September 19, 2021


Good Morning ,I have 5 in my office and use them all multiple times a day! At home we have several, and my wife gets great joy using one each day!I've been writing about planning for the fall and end of year. This week I want to talk about a great way to get the word out about your business all year … [Read more...]

Marketing Planning

Good Morning ,I got a call from one of my clients the other day. He wanted to let me know that he has fall/holiday season planned out and is producing the marketing materials. Sometime in the next week or two he will be stopping by to go over it with me. He is sending me a new updated mailing list … [Read more...]

CEO Roundtable More

Good Morning,Last week I wrote about wanting to form a CEO Roundtable and invited those interested in being part of it to contact me. I found out I forgot to mention one important detail. People wondered if there was a cost involved in being part of this group. There is no cost. This is a FREE … [Read more...]

CEO Roundtable Forming

Good Morning,Did you ever want to tell someone about what you are facing every day, the good and the bad? We all have. Who do you talk to who will understand and maybe offer some good advice? Family, they might listen and give you well meaning advice, but... Friends, they don't really understand and … [Read more...]

Increase Email Open Rates

Good Morning ,ALL CAPS From Addresses Give You a 19% Higher Open RateNew test idea from the Worldata Research team! When creating your email campaign, use all caps for your ‘From’ address. When this approach is used it results in 19% higher open rates. Why does this work? You want your email to … [Read more...]

Lead Magnets

Good Morning,My wife and I are now at the age where at least 3 times a week we get offers to attend a free dinner and hear about retirement planning. Some of the dinners are at really nice restaurants that we would like to try out. But we don't want to first sit through a presentation that will … [Read more...]