April 22, 2024

Survey Says

Good Morning Businesses lose anywhere from 10% to 25% of their customer base each year! The reasons are many and in many cases not the businesses' fault. So it behooves the business owner to always be promoting and attracting new customers as well as working their customer retention plan. But … [Read more...]

Marketing Recipe

Good Morning I grew up in a restaurant. My parents owned and ran restaurants most of their lives. Everything from a deil through a tablecloth restaurant with bar. I mostly bused tables and worked the dishwasher. But over the years I did a little bit of everything except work the bar (I was too … [Read more...]

Networking Questions

Good Morning I attend a network group that meets for lunch once a week. I do this for a number of reasons including getting lunch, getting out of the office and socializing, and oh yes, getting more business. This week our chair Hugh Morrison sent out his weekly email and included a few … [Read more...]

Getting Your Name Wrong

Good Morning We all like to be acknowledged, usually by being called by our name. So when people can't get your name right, are you really going to pay any attention to their message? My friend Larry, got an email (which he sent me) that started "Hi Lar." I've known Larry for over 20 years … [Read more...]

Your “Acres Of Diamonds”

Good Morning, After what seems like forever, I have finally launched a new free offer. I got the web site and emails tested, and all are working properly. Why am I offering you a free item? Because I'm such a great person, and I want you to have the best possible business you can have! Well I … [Read more...]

Basic Marketing Tools

Good Morning {First Name} I hope everyone is enjoying the extra day, and if your birthday is today, Happy Birthday! I was at my networking group yesterday and The HEB Chamber did a special presentation on a new program that does market research and demographics for small businesses. This … [Read more...]