June 3, 2023

You Could Have Lost More

Good Morning,We have all heard by now how Facebook and its other apps, Instagram and Whatsapp, went down for 6 hours on Monday. Luckily for some businesses, it was only 6 hours. Facebook lost anywhere between $60 million and $100 million in lost revenue. But what about the businesses that use … [Read more...]

Metrics for your social media

Good Morning In the last two marketing tips we talked about how to set goals for your social media if you want it to work for you and your business.This week we cover the final part, where the rubber meets the road. Metrics!By identifying your metrics you will know whether your social media is … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday

Good Morning  Happy Birthday!  This month I'm celebrating my 25th birthday! I know I look a bit older than my age. No, it's not my birthday. 25 years ago I went into business for myself. I left Barry's Camera/Wolf Camera and started Marketing Specialist out of my dining room at home. Over the … [Read more...]

Hitting Your Target!

Good Morning  Welcome to the second half of 2019! Yes, the year is half over; you should be halfway to your yearly goals. To help you keep on track, you need to look at how your advertising/marketing program is coming along. Are your advertising/marketing messages really reaching your customer … [Read more...]

Integration of your media and make money

Good Morning My wife just completed the last of a series of on-line courses she needed in order to get her regular teaching certification. The course was Web2.0. For this course she had to create a blog, use Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and a host of other web apps and connect them to her … [Read more...]

It Didn’t Work, NOW What?

You have spent your hard-earned money on a marketing campaign and you got very few results or no results. You're mad, you wasted your money and will never try that media or any marketing again, right? Once you calm down, you need to see what went wrong. Think of marketing your business like … [Read more...]