July 18, 2024

Happy Birthday

Good Morning

 Happy Birthday! 

This month I’m celebrating my 25th birthday! I know I look a bit older than my age. No, it’s not my birthday. 
25 years ago I went into business for myself. I left Barry’s Camera/Wolf Camera and started Marketing Specialist out of my dining room at home. Over the years the name and location of the business has changed, but the mission has stayed basically the same: to help small businesses develop and execute effective marketing to retain and attract their customers. 
I have used almost every kind of media over the years. This has included newspaper and magazine display ads, public relations (print, radio and television), faxes, printed materials, direct mail, web sites, email, social media and more. This and my past experience in media and retail have given my clients great flexibility in their choice of media for their success.
As part of my celebrating 25 years in business, I will be offering weekly birthday specials during this month and then monthly specials for the next eleven months, so watch this space and act immediately because they will be very limited.
I want to start off with something everyone can participate in. I want to know the #1 question that you have about marketing your business. Please email me at Phil@MyMarketingCure.com  with your question and I will answer it. This is your opportunity to get the answer you need without the hype or a sales pitch. So send in your #1 question about marketing your business.  
Till next week, 

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Philip Freedman

Your Doctor of Customer Acquisition, Retention and Enhancement
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