February 24, 2024

How To Develop Trust

Good Morning I hope you had a good New Year! You set your goals for 2024 and now you are ready to get at it! (Sure.) We have heard the saying "People do business with people they like, know and trust." Knowing is the easy part; liking might be a bit harder. All you have to do is be a nice … [Read more...]

Developing an Elevator Speech

Good Morning When I can, I go to a couple of networking/leads groups; I also go to after hours events. At the networking groups everyone is given 30 seconds to introduce themselves, their business and who would be their ideal customer. The 30 seconds is plenty of time if you know what to say and … [Read more...]

Don’t Make It So Hard!

Good Morning A friend and client called me earlier this week, We had just finished the first of three mailings for his customer. My first question was,"what's wrong?" He told me we did not do anything wrong, BUT.... But what? Had I gone to the customer's web site? No, so I did. I got to … [Read more...]

Spot Removal Guide and Marketing Lessons

Good Morning I was going to write about the seven emotional hot buttons that make people act that you need in all your copy. But I was at a network lunch earlier this week and picked up a handout that is great. John Larriviere of United Carpet Cleaning Systems, Inc., was the speaker and he … [Read more...]


Good Morning {First Name} Last week I wrote about my attending Dan Kennedy's Magnetic Marketing: From "Annoying Pest" to "Welcome Guest" Challenge and how I made a list of items that I need to get done. The first item was redoing my USP. Well I wrote it up and I would like your input on which … [Read more...]

The Meaning of Color

Good Morning {First Name},We all know someone who has a favorite color. You know it because they almost always wear that color and have a lot of items in that color. Also maybe their marketing materials are even in that color! If they could, their food would be in their favorite color - OK maybe … [Read more...]