September 23, 2023

Developing an Elevator Speech

Good Morning When I can, I go to a couple of networking/leads groups; I also go to after hours events. At the networking groups everyone is given 30 seconds to introduce themselves, their business and who would be their ideal customer. The 30 seconds is plenty of time if you know what to say and … [Read more...]

Your 30 Second Commercial

Good Morning ; Over the years I have been to a lot of networking/leads groups. I've done breakfasts, lunches and after-hours events. I've been to marketing meetings as well. Almost all of them will have everyone introduce themselves. The person in charge says something like: "Please (stand-up) … [Read more...]

30 Seconds, That’s All you Got!

 Good Day  The other day, my chamber leads group did critiques of members' (those who wanted to) 30-second commercial presentations, also known as your elevator speech.  While I was at Dan Kennedy's InfoSummit, I heard John Carlton explain how to develop an effective elevator speech to … [Read more...]