March 27, 2023

More High Quality Leads

Good Morning Would you like to have a great advantage over your competition and get high quality leads at the same time? If you do, then continue reading. If you don't, then STOP READING NOW and go on to your next email! Ok, you are still here. Good. In order to have a competitive … [Read more...]

Co-Promoting An Event

Good Morning,I got an email from my good friend John Fletcher of Fletcher Consulting. He is the keynote speaker at today's Grapevine Chamber Luncheon. Since I'm not a member of that chamber I did not know about it. He sent out an email to his list announcing the event.The announcement told me his … [Read more...]

Goal Setting, Still Time

Good Day To everyone who sent me their numbers, Thank You. I'm putting the finishing touches on the email marketing calendar and should be sending it to you by next week if not sooner. You can still get your FREE 2016 Email Marketing Calendar, which shows the best days to send out your email. … [Read more...]

#1 Best Way To Get Customers

Good Morning Would you like a great way to build your business?  Of course you do! As my business coach always tells me, "speaking in front of a group is the number one way to build your business." I know when I talk or give a presentation (Plug: if you're interested or need a speaker for your … [Read more...]