July 17, 2024

New Tricks

Good Morning

Last week I went to the Northeast Tarrant Chamber monthly luncheon. An old friend and coach was speaking, whom I hadn’t seen in over three years. Christa Trantham was presenting “Hitting Your Business Bullseye by Mastering Business Basics.” I had heard the presentation many times, including its first presentation in front of a group of people, and I wanted to see how Christa presented to the chamber.

By the way, she did a great job of it! But I will get to that in a minute.

How do I know Christa Trantham? Well I met her many, many years ago when I was a member of the D/FW chapter of Glazer-Kennedy Inner Circle (GKIC) and later Mike Crow’s mastermind group and attended his Three Days of Secrets Revealed. She was his business manager, co-founder of Coach Blueprint and is his oldest daughter.

A few years later she started attending our mastermind group and very slowing Mike started to let her lead the group until she was running it. I was hesitant, but was ready to give her a try. Well I was surprised! Christa was good! In fact she did a great job, and I learned quite a bit. She even taught me a few shortcuts and tricks in the desktop we both use. Yes, you can teach an old dog new tricks!

I had seen Christa speak from the stage to large audiences, but those were very friendly and supportive groups. The chamber was a group who did not know her, plus there were time constraints. You have anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes (sometimes less) to get your presentation out, plus you have to keep the audience interested (especially hard after they just ate lunch) and end with enough time for the chamber to give out door prizes and have it all end before 1pm. After 1pm people start to walk out to get back to work!

As I said, she did a great job! She kept everyone interested, haloed the right people, made the audience laugh, got the message out, finished on time and got people to give her their contact information!

Christa even recorded the presentation for later review.

Again, I learned something new, I saw a successful presentation (as a speaker) to a chamber luncheon. As I reviewed her presentation I picked up a lot of things that I can do to make my own presentation much better.

If you are open minded you can learn from people, especially ones who are younger than you!

If you would like to discuss this further, give me a call at 817-616-5155 or contact me by using this link and I’ll be glad to help you.

Till next time.