October 31, 2020

Your Web Site

Good Morning I was doing a consultation the other day, and part of it was looking at their Facebook business page and web site among other things we talked about. I will not go into what we discussed, but it did get me to think about what businesses need on their web site. The first item I … [Read more...]

Lead Magnets – Not For Your Refrigerator

Good Day┬áContact First Name Last week I was going to write about lead magnets but got side- tracked. So let's talk about using lead magnets to build your email list before I get side-tracked again. A lead magnet is an item that attracts people to you, not unlike how a great refrigerator magnet … [Read more...]

Eating, Drinking, Partying or Networking?

Last night I went to two after-hours networking mixers. Yeah, I know I'm a real party animal. Now as you know, the purpose of an after- hours mixer is to network, meet new people and maybe get some leads and ultimately business. It's not, as my good friend Mike Stammer used to say when we taught … [Read more...]