March 21, 2018

1st Quarter Results

Good Day Guess what. This week my wife got the same letter from the auto dealer. We are now up to 6 of the same letter. Today starts the last month of the 1st quarter of 2018. Now is the time to plan out how you are going to bring in business for the next quarter. It's also the time to look … [Read more...]

Selfies and LinkedIn

Good Day The other day I was on LinkedIn, and I noticed that some people are using selfies as their profile photo. It might be OK for someone's personal Facebook page, but not for LinkedIn. LinkedIn is all about business, not what you are eating for dinner or what game you're playing. People … [Read more...]

Business Strategy

Good Day I'm putting together a marketing first-aid kit for small businesses to use when they need to bring in sales from their past and current customers. While gathering the many items and media for the first-aid kit, I remembered a principle I learned: A business should not be dependent on … [Read more...]

You’re Gross and It’s Costing You

Good Day Are you losing business when you open your mouth? When you walk into a room? When you're at a networking event or other event? At lunch the other day I spotted a gentleman shoveling in his food. That reminded me of a business owner friend who told me that during the hiring process she … [Read more...]

Want Business?

Good Day I was at a leads group the other day. This group, like most groups, is made up of people of all ages and all types of businesses. One of the main functions of a leads group or networking group is the exchange of information. One thing I've learned over the years is, you have to make it … [Read more...]


Good Day Mavens! You want lots of mavens! Mavens is the term I and others use to describe the people who refer customers to you. These are not people who would refer one or maybe two customers to you. Mavens are people who will refer lots of people to you all the time. One or two or more a … [Read more...]

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