August 4, 2020

Contact Information

Good Morning,I passed a van the other day that had a full vehicle wrap for a Tex-Mex place. They did catering and deliveries. They might have been a restaurant. They had art work of their food and stated that they did catering and deliveries.In the 1980's I worked for a radio station selling … [Read more...]

Coronavirus Game Plan

Good Morning,  Coronavirus is here. You might or might not get it. But this week's tip is not about your, your family's, your employees' or your customers' health. It's about your business's health!What would happen if you or your employees were forced to stay home for two or more weeks? Or your … [Read more...]

Reach out and Touch Someone The Correct Way

 I've been asked a number of time how often a business should contact its customers. We're not talking about announcing a sale or such, just general communications.  A business can lose anywhere from 20-50% of its customer base each year. Some of the population move every year, undergo a lifestyle … [Read more...]