June 13, 2024

Staying In Contact

Good Morning

Are you regular?

Do you keep in contact with your customers and prospects on a regular basis? More than once a year or two? Do your customers and prospects even remember who you and your business are? You might think they do, but they have busy lives and in all probability have much more important things on their minds than you and your business! Ouch! Especially if you only contact them once in a blue moon, when you need business. Double Ouch!

We are at the beginning of the holiday season, which means this is the perfect time to be contacting your customers and prospects and not to tell them about your next sale or new offering.

With Thanksgiving coming up, now would be a good time to tell them how thankful you are that they are your customer. For your prospects, let them know that you wish them a Happy Thanksgiving.

Just that nice reminder will get your name back into their minds.

There are plenty of things you can do with the holidays coming up to get your name and message in front of your current and past customers as well as prospects without the heavy selling.

If you would like some ideas on how to stay on your customers’ minds at no cost, all you have to do is contact me at Phil@MyMarketingCure.com, or call me at 817-616-5155 .

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