July 17, 2024

Who Appreciate You Baby!

Good Morning ,

Two weeks ago I had a booth at the HEB Chamber Business Expo. I had a drawing for some prizes, and the winners were Kristie Hanhart of Kristie’s Cleaning Service, Joseph Miller of TMT Spa, and Shawndi Purselly of Armstrong Purselley Wealth Management Group. In addition, everyone who entered received a free problem-solving marketing consultation. Please check your email for information to claim your gifts.
This week’s tip is from my friend Bill Moist of Professional Equities, Inc. and his monthly printed newsletter “The Passive Residual Income.” In it Bill talks about being the forgotten customer at a bank where they held about 30 of his different accounts. Due to poor service and lack of communication, he closed all his accounts. It was not until he closed the last account, his personal account, that a banker decided to call him and ask why he had left the bank. In contrast, as he was leaving a city rec center one morning, he was given a breakfast box and a T-shirt. After he thanked them, he was told they appreciated him. It made him feel pretty good that they showed a little customer appreciation.
The store where I purchase my paper had a customer appreciation lunch twice a year. All the customers looked forward to them and I hope they will resume later next year.
Has either of these type of events ever happened to you? It’s usually the first one, in which the business wouldn’t know or care that you had left them. And how many times have you had the second, in which you were told by a business that they appreciate you and your business? When they do, how do you feel?
Now when was the last time you showed or told your customers how much you appreciate them? The upcoming Holiday Season would be an excellent time to start showing them.
Remember: You wouldn’t be in business without them.
Till next time.