July 17, 2024

Networking Rules

Good Morning ,
Joseph Miller of TMT Spa, and Shawndi Purselly of Armstrong Purselley Wealth Management Group please contact me to pick up your prizes that you won at my HEB Expo booth.
More and more in-person events are starting to take place. In fact a good friend of mine has been holding live in-person networking events, one for real estate agents and another for area businesses. He does temperature checks and observes covid protocols. Now he is realizing that he will have to announce at the beginning of the event what I call rules of conduct for the networking attendees.
For the last eight months or so, we have been keeping away from each other and having virtual or Zoom events, so let’s review how to make your face-to-face networking effective.
First, wear pants! People will see you from the waist down.
If you’re not feeling well, stay home. Take your mask and wear it when not eating or drinking. Remember the lessons you learned in kindergarten: be polite, share (don’t monopolize the conversation or the host), be helpful.
You’re at a networking event, not a net-eating or drinking event. Don’t chow down as if you haven’t eaten in a week or are enjoying your main meal of the day. Likewise, limit your drink intake; this is not a family member’s wedding with an open bar. Remember that you are there to get leads and maybe business, so consider the impression you are making on your potential customers.
Overall you want to be the person that the host invites back to the event because you add to the event’s success! Not the one they disinvite because you drank or ate too much or was an obnoxious person no one wants to be around.
And bring plenty of your business cards, please!
Till next time.