July 18, 2024

Lead Magnets – Not For Your Refrigerator

Good Day Contact First Name
Last week I was going to write about lead magnets but got side- tracked. So let’s talk about using lead magnets to build your email list before I get side-tracked again.
A lead magnet is an item that attracts people to you, not unlike how a great refrigerator magnet attracts papers and holds them to your refrigerator.  Basically a lead magnet is something that you offer people in exchange for their name and email address. This should be something that your target market wants, and not just some crap you have and want to get rid of.  A vendor of mine is offering ’27 ready-to-send email templates’ in exchange for my name and email address   (later they will email market to me their services).
The idea is that you collect a person’s name and email address and then start a drip email campaign marketing your product or services to them. As you conduct this campaign, you can and should collect more information about your potential clients.
One of the biggest mistakes I’ve seen is wanting to get all of someone’s information at the very beginning of the process. The business owner wants to qualify the person at the very start, before the person even has a chance to think about it. Think of it this way, suppose you stopped by a car lot just to look around and see what the latest models look like and a salesperson after saying hi started asking you about your income, type of payment you wanted to make, wanted to copy your driver’s license to run a credit check and more before you took 3 steps into the lot. You would turn and run, right? That’s what a lot of people do.
The other mistake I see is just the opposite. They don’t have any lead magnet at all. They believe that if people are interested, then they can find my contact page and contact me and I’ll get back to them when I can. Let’s make it hard for people to give me money, shall we?
You need to be like Goldilocks, not too hard or too soft, but you do need a lead magnet. Want to know more about lead magnets and how to set it up for your business? Then contact me atPhil@MyMarketingCure.com or call me at 817-616-5155.
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