February 24, 2024

Double Checking

Good Morning I've been working on a new giveaway, an E-book of a well-known story. I had the landing page and follow-up emails set up and working as well as the links for a survey and for a calendar to schedule a free consultancy session. As I was sitting with the software expert, I wanted to … [Read more...]

CTA not CYA!

Good Morning I was talking to someone the other day about social media and its use in business and how people are very interested in how many views, likes and reposts they get. It reminded me of a business person telling me about all the views and likes they got. I was impressed. I did read … [Read more...]

Social Media

Good Morning I will buy you lunch! Yes, a free lunch. All you have to do is email me at Phil@MyMarketingCure.com or reply to this email and let me know that you're interested. Now, you're wondering "what's the catch?" Well, yes, there is a catch! I need 3 guests for my membership requirement to … [Read more...]

Social Media Profiles

Good Morning Welcome to the dog days of summer. And at least here in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, it's also the first days of school. For the past two days we had a cold wave here. The temperature dropped to a high of only 96 yesterday. Today we will go back to a high of around 106. The rest of … [Read more...]

Keeping up with your contacts

Good Morning Last night I got home from my office, checked the mail and got another post card from a pet vaccination service. This is the second or third card I've got from them. They get points for sending me multiple cards,but and this is a BIG BUT, my dog Tess died a number years ago and we … [Read more...]

Email or Print?

Good Morning I got a call today from a long-time friend and client; he wanted us to send out his organization's end-of-year letter. As we talked, it reminded me of other groups, ones that switched from print to email. Over the years, groups and companies went from printed newsletters and … [Read more...]