July 22, 2024

Basic Marketing Tools

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I hope everyone is enjoying the extra day, and if your birthday is today, Happy Birthday!

I was at my networking group yesterday and The HEB Chamber did a special presentation on a new program that does market research and demographics for small businesses. This program SizeUp HEB is being offered to members to use free of charge.

Next week I’ll be doing the member’s presentation so I thought I would do it on taking the next step after SizeUp HEB. This 15-20 minute presentation would focus on what to do with the information you get out of SizeUp HEB. As I was laying out my presentation, one part was how to apply it and another was what marketing methods would benefit from this information.

What I developed is what can be called a basic advertising/marketing/promotion package that most people need to get the word out about their business. This package includes a business phone number. This is a separate number from your cell number (but can ring through to your cell). This is a number that you need to answer as much as possible; do not let it always go to voice mail.

You also need a Google Business Profile page. This is a free service that Google offers. If you complete it, it helps your ranking on what else – Google Searches! You also need a website with SEO. It can be a bare bones site, but in this day and age you need one with contact information on it.

You also need a presence on social media, not your personal presence, but your business presence. And if you do meet people face to face you will want business cards to give them so they remember you.

Depending on the kind of business you have there are a few more things you need, but that’s the bare minimum of items you need to get the word out about your business.

Would you like to discover what other items you might need and how to use them to promote your business? Then all you have to do is reply to this email or call me at 817-616-5155; sorry no texting to this number.

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