July 18, 2024

Social Media

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I will buy you lunch! Yes, a free lunch. All you have to do is email me at Phil@MyMarketingCure.com or reply to this email and let me know that you’re interested. Now, you’re wondering “what’s the catch?” Well, yes, there is a catch! I need 3 guests for my membership requirement to become a member of an HEB Chamber leads/networking group. The group meets each Wednesday, 11:30 am to 1:00 pm at Tony’s Pizza & Pasta, 3320 Harwood Rd, Bedford, TX 76021.

So, yes, you will have to sit through a leads group, meet other business people, and who knows you might even get a lead or better yet some business out of it. Isn’t that worth a lunch that you don’t have to pay for? Again, if you are interested just contact me.


I was reading Bo Sack’s Media Intelligence “Heard on the Web” where he wrote about Chris Wood’s article “2024 Predictions: Social Media’s Evolution.” (https://martech.org/2024-predictions-social-medias-evolution/)

Gartner Consumer Data recently projected 50% of consumers would “abandon or significantly limit their interaction” with social media by 2025.”

“YouTube might offer a refuge if consumer apathy takes root generally across social media. YouTube might prove more durable than the norm,” predicts Gartner.

In other news from Online advertising: The funny, fuzzy math by Greg Krehbiel (https://martech.org/online-advertising-the-funny-fuzzy-math/) According to the Association of National Advertisers only 36% of ad spending on demand-side platforms actually reach the advertiser’s intended audience. A high percentage of ads were nonviewable or displayed to bots.

“Bob Hoffman, author of ‘Adscam,’ says the numbers are far worse than that. He estimates that 3% of digital ad spend corresponds to actual ads seen by humans.”

Is social media advertising really working for you? Do you know your numbers? If you have questions or want more information just contact me at 817-616-5155.

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