May 22, 2024

Getting Your Name Wrong

Good Morning We all like to be acknowledged, usually by being called by our name. So when people can't get your name right, are you really going to pay any attention to their message? My friend Larry, got an email (which he sent me) that started "Hi Lar." I've known Larry for over 20 years … [Read more...]

Goals Are Your Roadmap

Good Morning {First Name} While in traffic at a red light, I watched a car in one lane suddenly switch to the turn lane. It was like they just realized that they were in the wrong lane and heading in the wrong direction. The other one I see a lot is cars that are in the turn lane when the driver … [Read more...]

Plan Your Route

Good Morning {First Name} I'm on the road quite a bit, both freeway and street level driving. I see a lot of drivers who suddenly cross two or more lanes of traffic to take an exit at the last possible moment or leave the right hand lane that turned into an exit lane just before hitting the black … [Read more...]

Google 5-Star Reviews

Good Morning This past Tuesday I heard Tammy Salter, the owner of the Pipeline Road, Hurst, Texas PostNet, talk to the Northeast Chamber networking group and she did an outstanding job! Tammy spoke on taking your business to the next level and had a seven-page handout for people to work. She … [Read more...]

Creating Buzz

Good Morning While in my office I have on a radio station that plays music for background noise. It took a few times hearing a commercial for it to sink in and for me to notice it (Major Marketing Point Here). The next time the commercial came on I paid attention. The company, an air … [Read more...]

Jump Starting Your Business

Good Morning This week I have been attending Dan Kennedy's Magnetic Marketing: From "Annoying Pest" to "Welcome Guest" Challenge! This is a five- day, two-and-a-half-hour zoom conference. There are many reasons I am attending this conference, even though I have been studying with Dan Kennedy for … [Read more...]