April 22, 2019

Who’s In Charge Of Your Business, Not You!

Good Day This is the time of year that business owners make appointments to talk to their C.P.A. or accountant. Their talk is, or should be, about getting their information together for their taxes. Sometime the talk is about planning and the future of one's business. It's OK to get advice from … [Read more...]

Want Business?

Good Day I was at a leads group the other day. This group, like most groups, is made up of people of all ages and all types of businesses. One of the main functions of a leads group or networking group is the exchange of information. One thing I've learned over the years is, you have to make it … [Read more...]

Learned At GKIC

I just got back from spending four days learning what is cutting edge in the world of information marketing. Almost everything that was taught during those four day can be applied to any other type of business including brick-and-mortar and service businesses. One of the key points that was … [Read more...]

Learning or Vacation

At  8 am this morning I will be starting 4 days of workshops on information marketing. How to take the knowledge you have and turn it into an informational product that you can sell. With this product you no longer are trading hours for dollars. Some of the classes/workshop include Lifecycle … [Read more...]

What I learned at the GKIC Info-Summit

Good Morning I'm back from my week in St Louis at the GKIC Info-Summit. Allow me to share a little of what I learned. There is more and more information out there than ever before, and most people need someone to sort out and filter the information for them. People need a curator and … [Read more...]

Marketing & Advertising Doesn’t Work Without Following These

Good Morning Today I would like to share one of the many things I learned at the GKIC SuperConference I recently attended. These are rules you need to follow when crafting your marketing message. This applies to all types of media. Dan Kennedy Top 10 Money Making Rules.  #1 There will always … [Read more...]

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