December 18, 2017

Buyer’s Remorse, How To Reduce It!

Good Day Contact First Name  If you've been in business for any amount of time, you've had returns, charge backs or other undesirable costs associated with returns, not to mention the lost sales. Here is a way to counteract buyer's remorse and reduce return rates: First you want to thank … [Read more...]

Testimonials How To Use Them

Good Day Third party testimonials can add credibility to your business when used correctly. Most businesses do not use them properly, and it can do more harm than good. The elements of a good testimonial should include the person's full name, business if it's a business testimonial and the … [Read more...]

Your Business is Boring

Good Day Have you ever been to a restaurant that had good food, good service, but nothing really outstanding? Maybe one so unremarkable you don't really remember the name of the place? If not a restaurant, possibly a place you've done business with, if you can even recall it? They were boring. … [Read more...]

Who’s In Charge Of Your Business, Not You!

Good Day This is the time of year that business owners make appointments to talk to their C.P.A. or accountant. Their talk is, or should be, about getting their information together for their taxes. Sometime the talk is about planning and the future of one's business. It's OK to get advice from … [Read more...]

You Have To Do It!

Good Day I had a really bad day yesterday. At home we found a wet spot on the carpet by the air conditioner where our 11-year-old dog sleeps. We put newspapers down and blamed the dog. Then I noticed that outside by our front door the porch had a puddle that I had swept up the day before. Looking … [Read more...]

Business slow 3 tips to boost sales

Good Day Business is slow, it's the middle of summer and the year is half over. Let me tell you something you don't know! Today I got a letter from TXU Energy!  These letters come about once a month. (Good for them for reaching out more than once. 44% of sales departments and businesses give … [Read more...]

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