December 16, 2018

Events and Sales

Good Day A few weeks ago it was Tax Free Weekend in Texas. During the weekend an assortment of clothes and school related items are on sale tax free. Most stores have big back to schools sales that weekend. My daughter works in retail at a store that had nothing on the list of tax free items, … [Read more...]

Be More Than The Expert

Good Day People want to do business with the expert or authority. You want to be that person! WHY? One reason is that once you are considered the authority by the customer, the price objection goes away. Another is that you can make good suggestions that they will listen to and might do. I know … [Read more...]

Simple way to achieve your goals

Good Morning Happy New Year and welcome to 2016! I hope you got all those New Year's resolutions and plans written down and that you're still keeping them. Also that you took time out of the holidays to plan out your goals and how to achieve them for this year. Do you know that most people … [Read more...]

It’s Too Hard

I was at the local chapter meeting of GKIC the other night, and the subject of thank-you cards came up. Out of the group that was there, only a few sent out thank-you cards. Those that did, sent them out only once for their new customers, not for every purchase that customer makes. One person … [Read more...]

We Need To Ask Questions

If you really want to find out how little you know about a given subject, just hang out with the real experts. I just spent 3 days with Stephen Beck  at his Texas Marketing Roundup. He brought in Paul Evans (who is a great and funny … [Read more...]

Glazer-Kennedy Info-Marketing Summit 1st day

It the end of the 1st day of the Glazer-Kennedy Insider's Circle Info-Marketing Summit. I am in Baltimore , Inner Harbor area. The summit starts at 8 am  and ran until 8:30 in the evening.  Dan Kennedy started with a talk title "build it right and they will come" He gave us a basic rundown on the … [Read more...]

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