July 18, 2024

Special Offer Corrected

Good Morning  

Last week I wrote that I was now offering the Monthly Vitamin Pakand the Past Customer Recovery Program. I also informed you that only you are being offered a special deep discount; no one else will get this discount. I also told you that the discount code CHARTER1 would bring down the investment of the Monthly Vitamin Pak to only $24.79a month and that TIP419 would save you $50 off the Past Customer Recovery Program. I even gave you brief descriptions of each. I included the link to the more in depth descriptions page. NOT! About a week earlier I thought I had pointed the domain to the correct page. Turns out it was pointed to the shopping cart! Oops! But I got it corrected. www.MMCRX.com now points to the description page, and I just checked it to make sure it goes to the correct page.
I got a few emails and a phone call. Luckily, I had already checked my copy (I email a copy of each week’s tip to myself) and made the correction. I learned a valuable lesson. No matter how tired I am after doing my weekly marketing tip and before hitting the send button, I need to check the links!
Your lesson: Check everything before you put anything out! Double check phone numbers, addresses, email addresses, web sites, all contact information and more. Also you should always include yourself on all email, mail and any communications list so that you see what everyone else sees. Also, it’s a great way to find out how long it takes the message to get delivered.
Till next time, Great Things Happen, But You Have To Take Action NOW!

Philip Freedman

Your Doctor of Customer Acquisition, Retention and Enhancement

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