March 21, 2018

Buyer’s Remorse, How To Reduce It!

Good Day Contact First Name  If you've been in business for any amount of time, you've had returns, charge backs or other undesirable costs associated with returns, not to mention the lost sales. Here is a way to counteract buyer's remorse and reduce return rates: First you want to thank … [Read more...]

Smart Lawyer, Smart Marketing

Good Day Sounds like the start of another lawyer joke, but in this case it's not! It's about a very smart lawyer who knows how to market his practice, and we can all learn from it. Before I start let me tell you that in over 20 years, I can't recall having ever seen anyone do what W. Bradley … [Read more...]

Do This For Success

Good Day Tuesday I had a booth at the HEB Chamber Expo. There were about 110 companies exhibiting there. The chamber had a good turnout for a hot June day. I went around and visited almost every booth and dropped my business card into every fish bowl, basket and entry box I could find. In most … [Read more...]

Productive Asset

Good Day Enormous Profits! Your most productive asset is lying right under your nose. All you have to do is work it. Most business owners don't. It's your customer database. Yes, if your database is in somewhat good condition, you can extract more revenue than you thought possible. By … [Read more...]

Referral Systems

Good Day Last week I wrote about mavens!  This week: How do you keep your mavens and everyone else referring customers to you? You will need to set up two systems or programs, one for your mavens and another for those customers who refer one or two customers to you. As you think about … [Read more...]

Simple way to achieve your goals

Good Morning Happy New Year and welcome to 2016! I hope you got all those New Year's resolutions and plans written down and that you're still keeping them. Also that you took time out of the holidays to plan out your goals and how to achieve them for this year. Do you know that most people … [Read more...]

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