July 17, 2024

Thank You Cards

Good Morning,
A few weeks ago I wrote about my friend Pat Coyle of Senior Essentials who sells Medicare supplement insurance. He helped me out with some advice, and I returned the favor.
He had very little budget for marketing, but still needed to get the word out. One of the things I suggested was that he write thank you notes to everyone he meets. We talked format, whether post cards, letters or fold-over cards. He liked the fold-over cards. I explained the benefits of a handwritten message with inserts mailed vs. one sent by email or text.
He went off to think about what I had said. A few days later he wanted custom-printed thank you cards. We worked on it and printed up 200 with envelopes. Pat called early this week to order more cards; he is nearly out.
I asked Pat how it went, and this is what he wrote me: “The first week result? Two referrals, both had friends that had gotten the card and magnet. The one guy told his friend to call me. The other lady saw my card on her sister’s fridge and called because she and her husband are both about to turn 65. She made a comment that her sister was happy to see a handwritten note.”
Before I tell you more, Pat puts a business card and a business card that is glued to a magnet in each thank you card as suggested.
He continues: “The first batch of cards was about 70 cards. These went out to current or past customers. Within two weeks from the mail date, I had four referrals. Two of these are a husband and wife who are turning 65 and need an MAPD plan.  This one couple will make me approximately $1,000.00 upon application. Woo Hoo!” Not bad.
But let’s look at Return On Investment.  Pat told me his cost for cards, envelopes, magnets, business cards and postage stamps (.55) are $1.06 a mailing. He sent out out 70 cards at $1.06 each for a total of $74.20 and will get in $1,000. Not too bad. I’d spend $74 to make $1,000, wouldn’t you?
Did you pick up on why what Pat does works and why it works so well? Also what do you think was the additional advice I gave to Pat? Email me with your answers.
Till next time.