July 23, 2024

Make It Easy to Remember

Good Morning,
Last week we had a a tune up/check up done on our air conditioning unit; and I wanted to try the company from which we’d won a free UV light a few years ago to do the work and replace the old light. The sticker on the unit states that the light should be replaced every 2 years to be most effective, and UV light kills viruses.
I looked all over the unit but could not find the name of the firm that did the installation, nor could we find any paperwork from them in any of our files. They did not even give us a refrigerator magnet. So we called up the company that installed the air conditioner so many years ago. For the record, they did not have any stickers on either the indoor or outdoor units. I knew them through the chamber and my business as well, plus I have driven past their offices at least once a week for the past 20 years.
A few months earlier, we had to have some electrical work done, so I called a company I had met through the chamber. They did great work and I got a nice discount as a chamber member. But I had to remind the electrician to apply a sticker to the electrical box so I would have the phone number handy if I needed to call for other service.
Not one of these companies sent me a thank you card or email, nor gave me anything to keep their name in front of me, or even gave me a few business cards to use as referral cards.
I knew of a company that when they came into your home to service an AC unit would put the stickers on all the units and would give you some referral cards and give you a shopping list pad that had a magnet to stick to your refrigerator. The shopping list pad had almost everything listed that you could get in a store. It was a great list, plus at the back it had some dollar-off coupons for future services. They also sent a thank you card with a few referral cards added.
Are you making it easy or hard for your past and current customers to remember you, use you again and refer you to others? Do you want to find out which methods would work best for your business? Drop me an email and we’ll talk.*******If you’re behind on your sales target for 2020, I can help get you back on track. I have programs to get your lost customers back, keep your current customers from leaving, and get you new ones who stay. Just contact me to find out more!
Till next time.