December 18, 2017

Customer Lists

Good Day¬† This might be a boring part of marketing and running your business, but if you put it off, it will cost you not only lost sales but money as well. I'm talking about customer list maintenance. UGH! Clients send me their customer list that they want to mail to, and part of my job is to … [Read more...]

Direct Mail Is A Waste!

Good Day I was going to write about how you can build your email list by using lead magnets, but when I picked up my mail, I got a letter from a warehouse club owned by a big box retailer. This letter was addressed to my old frozen margarita rental business, which was closed down 4 or 5 years … [Read more...]

Business Strategy

Good Day I'm putting together a marketing first-aid kit for small businesses to use when they need to bring in sales from their past and current customers. While gathering the many items and media for the first-aid kit, I remembered a principle I learned: A business should not be dependent on … [Read more...]

Big Money Here!

Good Day I talk to a lot of business owners, and one of the things that they seem not to appreciate is the value of their customer and prospect lists. They seem to think that the big money assets of their business is the facility, equipment or inventory. Not true! When businesses buy other … [Read more...]

Lists, Messages and The Mistake

Good Day I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year's. With all your planning for 2017 done, you're ready to start achieving your business goals. One of your goals is probably to increase sales. One of the ways this can be accomplished is to contact your current, past and future … [Read more...]

Productive Asset

Good Day Enormous Profits! Your most productive asset is lying right under your nose. All you have to do is work it. Most business owners don't. It's your customer database. Yes, if your database is in somewhat good condition, you can extract more revenue than you thought possible. By … [Read more...]

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