July 18, 2024

Who’s In Charge Of Your Business, Not You!

Good Day
This is the time of year that business owners make appointments to talk to their C.P.A. or accountant. Their talk is, or should be, about getting their information together for their taxes. Sometime the talk is about planning and the future of one’s business. It’s OK to get advice from and consult about your business with trusted advisers, but make sure they are not telling you how to run your business.
You have heard the stories about people who listened to their C.P.A., took the advice, maybe did a lot of cutting, and soon after, their business went down.
Most C.P.A.s and accountants have very little experience in sales and marketing yet are giving sales and marketing advice. Think about that for a minute. These are people who like to play with numbers; in most cases they are not people persons.
Yes, I do listen to my accountant, but on financial matters, not about sales and marketing. There was one person who was the exception, John Lambert. John had spent years studying marketing with the likes of Dan Kennedy, Mike Crow, and others.
So when people tell you how to run part or all of your business, check out their credentials, they’d better be better than yours in the area they’re giving you advice in.
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