July 23, 2024

Spot Removal Guide and Marketing Lessons

Good Morning

I was going to write about the seven emotional hot buttons that make people act that you need in all your copy. But I was at a network lunch earlier this week and picked up a handout that is great.

John Larriviere of United Carpet Cleaning Systems, Inc., was the speaker and he gave out a brochure entitled “Spot Removal for Carpets ‘Best Kept Secrets.'” The 6-panel brochure contained lots of great information on how to remove almost every kind of carpet stain and other tips to save you money and problems. One panel was about what United Cleaning and Emergency Restoration Systems, Inc. does and how to contact them. John also includes his business card, a full color printed magnet with contact information titled “Water Fire Restoration,” and a large 2-sided $50 gift certificate for service.

Now I might misplace the business card and gift certificate, but I will keep the spot removal guide someplace I’ll remember (maybe on the refrigerator along with the magnet). But the great thing is that John offered to scan a business’s logo and information on to the front right under “Compliments of:” so a business, say a plumber or a house cleaner company, could hand them out to their customers and prospects.

Knowing John (who’s an expert at marketing a carpet cleaning company), he also offers this guide as a download on his web site, and also other great information.

There are a number of great marketing examples here that you can use to grow your customer base with very little effort. If you need help implementing them, give me a call or contact me by using this link and I’ll be glad to help you.

Till next time.