July 22, 2024

More Than 1 Method

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At a leads group I recently attended, one of the people mentioned that in their industry they were on longer allowed to collect IP addresses for part of their market. Another person spoke up that their industry is doing the same. We were told IP addresses were now considered personal information and not to be collected.

In other news, according to the Wall Street Journal, Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, has plans to charge $14 a month for ad-free content of Instagram and $17 a month for both Instagram and Facebook on Europeans’ phones. “That is what Meta Platforms wants to charge Europeans for monthly subscriptions if they don’t agree to let the company use their digital activity to target ads, according to a proposal the social-media giant has made in recent weeks to regulators,” writes the Wall Street Journal.

Others services offer ad-free “premium” service here and in Europe.

Many years ago companies were sending out their advertising messages by fax. It got so bad that the federal government basically outlawed “junk faxing.” Almost overnight that whole industry went out of business.

A great marketer once said, “It is better to have one customer each from 100 different marketing methods than 100 customer from one method.”

If the main method you use to advertise/market your business were to disappear or become ineffective tomorrow how badly would it effect your business? Would you be able to recover?

Now’s the time to develop your 100 methods!

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