July 18, 2024

Story Telling

Good Morning Over the years I've taken public speaking classes and speaking from the stage training. One thing I've learned is to weave the information you want to present into a story. Since time began, people have been telling each other stories to get information and their point … [Read more...]

Double Checking

Good Morning I've been working on a new giveaway, an E-book of a well-known story. I had the landing page and follow-up emails set up and working as well as the links for a survey and for a calendar to schedule a free consultancy session. As I was sitting with the software expert, I wanted to … [Read more...]

Your Feedback Please

Good Morning I need your help in the way of feedback. I was having one of those talks with my wife. Not the "what's for dinner" talk but the one about what I like to do. What I like to do is help people by solving their problems. The problems I'm good at solving are marketing/promoting … [Read more...]

Profile Your Target

Good Morning I have written about how to develop more effective copy for all your promotional needs. I should have covered this first, but I did not so let me discuss it now. Before you start writing your first word you need to think about who you are writing for. You as the writer need to … [Read more...]

Keeping up with your contacts

Good Morning Last night I got home from my office, checked the mail and got another post card from a pet vaccination service. This is the second or third card I've got from them. They get points for sending me multiple cards,but and this is a BIG BUT, my dog Tess died a number years ago and we … [Read more...]

Marketing Help?

Good Morning; I was at one of my clients', dropping off their extra newsletters that we had just mailed out for them. I was talking to one of the owners and their marketing person about them settling in at their new offices. As I left, I realized something: here is a company that was one of … [Read more...]