July 22, 2024

Story Telling

Good Morning

Over the years I’ve taken public speaking classes and speaking from the stage training. One thing I’ve learned is to weave the information you want to present into a story. Since time began, people have been telling each other stories to get information and their point across.

Stories are easier to remember than complex facts and figures. Even in written form. Remember in school when the teacher poured out all kinds of facts? You got bored and maybe almost fell asleep.

This all leads to a friend of mine. He’s a salesman who sells to businesses. He sends out, I think on a weekly or bi-monthly basis, an email flyer listing the products he is promoting at that time.

We were talking about it and how to boost open and click through rates. I told him his flyer was boring, and if I’m not interested in what he was offering I would not open it. I told him he had to make it interesting to me!

Years ago there was a catalog that offered outdoor clothing, I think it was Patagonia, that told these great stories about their offerings. The stories were so compelling that the catalog became a collector’s item. Also their clothing was pretty good, and sales were excellent.

Well, my friend just sent out his most recent email flyer. This one had a beautiful photo of a sunrise and told a story about it and the cruise he took. The story also mentioned the company that he took the cruise through and why he uses them as well as a crew tip about what to do if you get seasick!

He did weave in what he and his company does as well. It’s still a little too early to see what his open and click through rates are, but I will let you know.

The next time you need to sell or promote something, try doing it in a story.

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