July 22, 2024


Good Morning,
The last part of your PPC ad is the 80-character description. When you write your description do not repeat yourself. New PPC ad writers tend to state the same information over and over again. Working your key words into your headline and URL pathways is more than enough.
Write like a human being and not as a marketing machine; use active verbs. Lift some of your landing page copy and use it in your ad.
Your description should be full of value propositions while supporting the claims present in the headlines. Think of the description line as the gravy; it’s the extra that pushes the ad over the top.
As you develop your ad keep these points in mind:

  • Use active verbs and do not repeat yourself.
  • Respond to common objections before they arise.
  • Include emotional triggers in your copy.
  • Use provocative language.
  • Try an unexpected call to action.

Here are other points to remember: Split test. Test your ads against one another to get the best results. Speak to audiences on all devices; you can do this with your multiple ads. Remember audiences on different devices operate differently.
Don’t treat your ad copy as an afterthought, it’s an important component of your total campaign.
You don’t have to produce the perfect ad on your first try. Write your copy, test constantly, then watch your click-through rate and conversion rates go up.
Till next time,